Saturday, January 1, 2011

2 Movie Reviews - Nine and Tooth Fairy

Twice today, I almost stopped movies that I had tivo'd. The first 15 minutes of the movie did not catch my attention and I feared that I was wasting my time. At the beginning of Tooth Fairy, a movie I almost went to the theaters to see, I was angry that I almost wasted my money. But things change.


Nine had two things going against it. One, people told me the movie sucked. And two, I hate movies about making movies. I like the fantasy of creating a movie. Even Kevin Smith's stories about creating a movie help that fantasy. I don't need to watch a drama about the creation.

I thought the music was entertaining. Kept my attention and I kind of want to download one or two songs. The past story of the director was also interesting. His sexual needs vs his parents strong religious values. Yet the story involved his love and respect for his mother, which isn't fully realized in the 2 hour movie. His girlfriend, his wife and the other women that surround his life help keep the story interesting and watchable.

The one thing I didn't like is the way they made this movie a musical. Movies like Music Man and Pete's Dragon, the music is part of the movie. Characters jump into song at weird times. You never know when the character is going to go from dialog to song. This movie takes the song out of the movie. Most of the time the characters will be doing something, then you get removed from the story and you find yourself looking at a stage where the song takes place. Very strange, and I don't think it helps the flow of the movie. I've seen another movie recently do this, can't remember, and I hope that future musicals do not continue down this path.

I don't think I'll ever own this movie, or even watch it again. Except for the select songs that I think I can run to, I think this movie is a one timer.


When I started watching this, I really thought it was a load of crap. The Rock tried to do what Tim Allen did in Santa Clause, make you hate the character and then love him. Except for the The Rock, I hated the fact that he couldn't act. It was terrible and I wouldn't blame anybody out there for turning this crap off and walking away.

But after 15 - 20 minutes, the movie actually got good. The fairies were fun to watch, thanks in part to Julie Andrews and a great surprise to see Billy Crystal and Seth MacFarlane. You beging to like Dwayne Johnson as an actor and his character, which I was extremely greatful for. The boys loved when the Tooth Fairy got small, or flew, or screwed up. It's a fun movie that both touches you and makes you laugh. The hockey part is also fun to watch.

I think they should make a sequal, but pick another action character, maybe Vin Diesel, and do another storyline with him. That would be fun.

I might sit through this movie again with the boys, but I won't own it, or willingly watch it again. Too many movies to watch, not enough time.

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