Monday, February 14, 2011

Running Day #19 - The Invaders & Valentine's Day

I was hoping that the rain would come and I would have to cancel my run. But the rain held off and I went off running. At the looks of my stats, I took off at an 8:50 pace, trying to beat the rain. But I slowed down, especially on the way back when I was running against the wind.

Just completed a 5.56 mi run with RunKeeper
Duration 0:53:12 Calories Burned 705 Average Pace 9:34 / mi
Average Speed 6.27 mph Elevation Climb 272 ft

When I entered the Bike Trail, I was shocked to find no homeless anywhere. Saw a couple of walkers, which is normal, but no homeless. It was a strange and empty feeling. When I went over the bridge, I found out why. There was a prison bus with 5 or 6 other cars right outside the tenting grounds. The huge blue tarp tent was completely gone, and only 2 smaller tents were still there. Further along, I found the dumpster by Northridge full of sleeping bags, chairs and other living items. On the far right of the trail was another huge pile of the same kind of stuff.

Looks like the homeless were forced out. On my way back, one of the two tents was being taken down by the inhabitant and he was packing his stuff up.

At times, the homeless kind of freaked me out on the trail. Especially that one guy who turned around and looked like he was going to fight. But all in all, they are a quiet people who want to be left alone. That big tarp-tent was where most of them were probably living. When I saw them, they were sitting in chairs laughing and enjoying the day. Kind of like the old people sitting on porches back in the day. I have a hard time with them being kicked out, especially when they will probably return in the next week or two.

On the Disney World front, we made our reservations for the run in January. We will be staying at the Treehouses. I hope we are able to afford it.

Disney World Marathon 2012 Countdown: 328 days
Total Distance Ran (since 12/27/10): 96.81 miles / 2852.79 (miles to WDW from my house)Fastest Mile: 12/30/10 - 9:01 / mi
Longest Distance: 1/22/10 - 7.26 miles

Friday, February 11, 2011

Having fun with the guys on The Hub

Been Awhile - Update and Vinyls

Man, it's been awhile. Last Friday was my 4th day that week running and I hit over 20 miles. Then I hit nothing this week. Monday, woke up and just didn't feel right, and it's continued on through the week. My head is stuffed up, got some coughing, and physically I am exhausted.

I was going to attempt to run today, but I decided to head out to another comic book store to see if I can pick up some back issues of the Stand. Been using my Birthday money to catch up. I've picked a couple of Comics that I'm going to stick with, mostly because I love reading them just don't have the time or money to read a lot. Those comics are:

  • Stephen King's The Stand
  • Walking Dead
  • Batman - the Dark Knight

There's also Jurassic Park, which I can't find, and the continuing story of Jericho, which sounds really intriguing.

Also, my boys and I received our Vinylmations for the month. This month we got 2 from the Animation Series 1, Villains Series 1, and Holiday Series 2. Out of the six vinyls, we received 5 new ones (both the Holiday 2 vinyls were the same, disappointing). In addition to the Vinyl I got at my birthday party, here's our new additions:

Disney Shopping also just released an additional vinyl for the Animation Series 1, which you can buy for 25 bucks:

Also went to a new restaurant yesterday called Spin Burger Bar. Could easily have the best burger in Sacramento. Add a Cheese skirt from Squeeze Inn, and it WOULD be the best burger in Sacramento. 1/2 lb burger with tons of fries and a coke for under 10 bucks plus tip, not too bad. Burger juicy, well cooked, and delicious. Check it out on 16th and K.
Also, as for that DPM I over at PSU, yeah, not going to happen. They decided to change that position to a DPM II. Do they have a candidate in mind? No idea. Just another disappointment with the state, was really hoping for that job. Oh well.
Been a weird week. Lots of things not going my way, but I move on. Can't wait for a nice relaxing weekend and then back to my regular routine on Monday. Too bad I don't have a lot of money for Vinyls, comic books and throw in some time to accomplish all the stuff I'd like to do. Don't even think the Lottery could help with time. Have a good weekend everybody, and I'll be running on Monday...I hope.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Running Day #18 - Disappointment, not the first, not the last

The run was a good one. Felt like I was going a bit slow, but kept on moving. Couldn't beat that. Another train on my run, more bikers than usual, and a beautiful day. Then I got the results:

Just completed a 5.51 mi run with RunKeeper
Duration 0:54:55 Calories Burned 701
Average Pace 9:58 / mi Average Speed 6.02 mph Elevation Climb 262 ft

First, I ran the exact same run as yesterday, yet one was 5.57 and todays was 5.51. What the f*&*? Then the pace, 9:58, are you kidding me? Very disappointed. Got to speed things up, I don't approve.

But the good news is, I ran more than 20 miles this week, Hurray!! And my next run should get me over that 100 mile mark. On my way peeps, on my way.

Disney World Marathon 2012 Countdown: 338 days
Total Distance Ran (since 12/27/10): 96.76 miles / 2852.79 (miles to WDW from my house)Fastest Mile: 12/30/10 - 9:01 / mi
Longest Distance: 1/22/10 - 7.26 miles

Vinyls, Vinyls, Vinyls, Oh I wish I had more money

So I was extremely happy to get an email from Disney Shopping letting me know that the new Disney World anniversary vinyls have popped up on their website. I was just about to take my birthday money and go shopping, then I saw the price: 16.95!! Are you kidding me? The normal ones are 9.95, the non-surprise ones are 12.95, and these are 16.95!! YIKES!! Hopefully the price will go down but I doubt it. Would have loved to add these to the collection:

So that was a bummer. Then they also put on the website the Ticket Book collection, going for 99.99. Not really too bad, I've seen these types of collections going for 250 dollars.

On Weds, Erin let me buy a couple of Vinyls which they had snuck in like these. They are currently on their way to the house and I can not wait to see what I get, neither can the boys:

So the last Vinyl collection to talk about is the Star Wars collection. Unfortunately, these may never be found on the Disney Shopping website, which sucks. The reason seems to be that there's a copyright rule. So you have to buy them at the resort. Thinking about making a call and getting a couple mailed to me. If only the lottery fairy would visit me...SOON!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Running Day #17 - Boo or Poop

Today was a fight to get out the door. Normally, on a day as hectic and stressful as this morning has been, I welcome a good run away from work. Today, I was just tired. But, with a friend saying "I think you should just go", I headed out the door (thanks Linda!!).

Just completed a 5.57 mi run with RunKeeper
Duration 0:53:40 Calories Burned 707
Average Pace 9:38 / mi Average Speed 6.23 mph Elevation Climb 266 ft

First, I lost to a train who got to the bridge first. Then right before mile marker 3, I passed a guy on the right who I scared and turned around ready for a fight. Good thing he turned left and I was on his right side.

Then, I passed a guy taking a poop by the pond area. He was squatting for some time, so I think that's what he was doing. Then I ran into the same train that beat me to the bridge, back up over the raised track area (which was pretty cool), going back over the bridge (I won this time) and back through midtown. Very bizzarre.

At the end, I had some more energy and completed the run strong. Not too bad for a guy who didn't want to go out. My left foot is still bothering me, but I'm thinking a new pair of shoes are going to be in my future.

Disney World Marathon 2012 Countdown: 339 days
Total Distance Ran (since 12/27/10): 91.25 miles / 2852.79 (miles to WDW from my house)Fastest Mile: 12/30/10 - 9:01 / mi
Longest Distance: 1/22/10 - 7.26 miles

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Running Day #16 - Man Vs Wind

Getting out the door wasn't too hard today. But running, that was a different matter. 3 blocks in, I realized I better keep this one short. My left ankle/foot, the one I sprang yesterday, is still giving me issues. It felt weird just walking from my car to work this morning, not a good sign. But the weird thing was, my body really didn't want to shorten the run. So I kept going.

Just completed a 5.55 mi run with RunKeeper

Duration 0:53:56 Calories Burned 711
Average Pace 9:43 / mi Average Speed 6.17 mph Elevation Climb 274 ft

I was against the wind all the way to the bridge. When I hit the bridge, the wind gave me a "oh hell no" and started blowing extra hard. My hat almost flew off my head. I brought my head down, held my hand, took in air through my mouth, and ran through it. On the way back, I flew over the bridge, and got a good kick in the butt when I turned onto 16th. Was kind of wishing for a full push all the way down, instead, just a kick.

Had a minor scare on the bike trail. There were four shady looking people watching people go by. Wasn't sure I really wanted to run by them a second time, but they were gone when I returned. Kind of a relief. I am glad that the section I do run on is usually really populated by people or cars.

Disney World Marathon 2012 Countdown: 340 days
Total Distance Ran (since 12/27/10): 85.68 miles / 2852.79 (miles to WDW from my house)Fastest Mile: 12/30/10 - 9:01 / mi
Longest Distance: 1/22/10 - 7.26 miles