Friday, February 4, 2011

Vinyls, Vinyls, Vinyls, Oh I wish I had more money

So I was extremely happy to get an email from Disney Shopping letting me know that the new Disney World anniversary vinyls have popped up on their website. I was just about to take my birthday money and go shopping, then I saw the price: 16.95!! Are you kidding me? The normal ones are 9.95, the non-surprise ones are 12.95, and these are 16.95!! YIKES!! Hopefully the price will go down but I doubt it. Would have loved to add these to the collection:

So that was a bummer. Then they also put on the website the Ticket Book collection, going for 99.99. Not really too bad, I've seen these types of collections going for 250 dollars.

On Weds, Erin let me buy a couple of Vinyls which they had snuck in like these. They are currently on their way to the house and I can not wait to see what I get, neither can the boys:

So the last Vinyl collection to talk about is the Star Wars collection. Unfortunately, these may never be found on the Disney Shopping website, which sucks. The reason seems to be that there's a copyright rule. So you have to buy them at the resort. Thinking about making a call and getting a couple mailed to me. If only the lottery fairy would visit me...SOON!!

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