Monday, February 14, 2011

Running Day #19 - The Invaders & Valentine's Day

I was hoping that the rain would come and I would have to cancel my run. But the rain held off and I went off running. At the looks of my stats, I took off at an 8:50 pace, trying to beat the rain. But I slowed down, especially on the way back when I was running against the wind.

Just completed a 5.56 mi run with RunKeeper
Duration 0:53:12 Calories Burned 705 Average Pace 9:34 / mi
Average Speed 6.27 mph Elevation Climb 272 ft

When I entered the Bike Trail, I was shocked to find no homeless anywhere. Saw a couple of walkers, which is normal, but no homeless. It was a strange and empty feeling. When I went over the bridge, I found out why. There was a prison bus with 5 or 6 other cars right outside the tenting grounds. The huge blue tarp tent was completely gone, and only 2 smaller tents were still there. Further along, I found the dumpster by Northridge full of sleeping bags, chairs and other living items. On the far right of the trail was another huge pile of the same kind of stuff.

Looks like the homeless were forced out. On my way back, one of the two tents was being taken down by the inhabitant and he was packing his stuff up.

At times, the homeless kind of freaked me out on the trail. Especially that one guy who turned around and looked like he was going to fight. But all in all, they are a quiet people who want to be left alone. That big tarp-tent was where most of them were probably living. When I saw them, they were sitting in chairs laughing and enjoying the day. Kind of like the old people sitting on porches back in the day. I have a hard time with them being kicked out, especially when they will probably return in the next week or two.

On the Disney World front, we made our reservations for the run in January. We will be staying at the Treehouses. I hope we are able to afford it.

Disney World Marathon 2012 Countdown: 328 days
Total Distance Ran (since 12/27/10): 96.81 miles / 2852.79 (miles to WDW from my house)Fastest Mile: 12/30/10 - 9:01 / mi
Longest Distance: 1/22/10 - 7.26 miles

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