Friday, February 11, 2011

Been Awhile - Update and Vinyls

Man, it's been awhile. Last Friday was my 4th day that week running and I hit over 20 miles. Then I hit nothing this week. Monday, woke up and just didn't feel right, and it's continued on through the week. My head is stuffed up, got some coughing, and physically I am exhausted.

I was going to attempt to run today, but I decided to head out to another comic book store to see if I can pick up some back issues of the Stand. Been using my Birthday money to catch up. I've picked a couple of Comics that I'm going to stick with, mostly because I love reading them just don't have the time or money to read a lot. Those comics are:

  • Stephen King's The Stand
  • Walking Dead
  • Batman - the Dark Knight

There's also Jurassic Park, which I can't find, and the continuing story of Jericho, which sounds really intriguing.

Also, my boys and I received our Vinylmations for the month. This month we got 2 from the Animation Series 1, Villains Series 1, and Holiday Series 2. Out of the six vinyls, we received 5 new ones (both the Holiday 2 vinyls were the same, disappointing). In addition to the Vinyl I got at my birthday party, here's our new additions:

Disney Shopping also just released an additional vinyl for the Animation Series 1, which you can buy for 25 bucks:

Also went to a new restaurant yesterday called Spin Burger Bar. Could easily have the best burger in Sacramento. Add a Cheese skirt from Squeeze Inn, and it WOULD be the best burger in Sacramento. 1/2 lb burger with tons of fries and a coke for under 10 bucks plus tip, not too bad. Burger juicy, well cooked, and delicious. Check it out on 16th and K.
Also, as for that DPM I over at PSU, yeah, not going to happen. They decided to change that position to a DPM II. Do they have a candidate in mind? No idea. Just another disappointment with the state, was really hoping for that job. Oh well.
Been a weird week. Lots of things not going my way, but I move on. Can't wait for a nice relaxing weekend and then back to my regular routine on Monday. Too bad I don't have a lot of money for Vinyls, comic books and throw in some time to accomplish all the stuff I'd like to do. Don't even think the Lottery could help with time. Have a good weekend everybody, and I'll be running on Monday...I hope.

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