Friday, February 4, 2011

Running Day #18 - Disappointment, not the first, not the last

The run was a good one. Felt like I was going a bit slow, but kept on moving. Couldn't beat that. Another train on my run, more bikers than usual, and a beautiful day. Then I got the results:

Just completed a 5.51 mi run with RunKeeper
Duration 0:54:55 Calories Burned 701
Average Pace 9:58 / mi Average Speed 6.02 mph Elevation Climb 262 ft

First, I ran the exact same run as yesterday, yet one was 5.57 and todays was 5.51. What the f*&*? Then the pace, 9:58, are you kidding me? Very disappointed. Got to speed things up, I don't approve.

But the good news is, I ran more than 20 miles this week, Hurray!! And my next run should get me over that 100 mile mark. On my way peeps, on my way.

Disney World Marathon 2012 Countdown: 338 days
Total Distance Ran (since 12/27/10): 96.76 miles / 2852.79 (miles to WDW from my house)Fastest Mile: 12/30/10 - 9:01 / mi
Longest Distance: 1/22/10 - 7.26 miles

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