Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 2011 - Brodie's Field Trip

There's something to be said about having a bunch of little kids who don't know you at the beginning of a field trip, and love you by the end. It's a feeling that words simply can't express.

All the kids but two took the Discovery Tree van, while Brodie went with me and a little girl went with her dad. We followed the lead van to the Amtrak station ($1 for every 20 minutes, we were there for an hour). After paying for parking, we took a quick tour of the station, which is unbelievable. Unfortunately, we weren't there for long so no pictures. We then went outside to see the trains. A young man, doing nothing, asked if we would like a ride tour. We loaded all the kids and parents on the cart and off we went. He drove us to the tracks for a close up of the trains, and then dropped us off right next to Old Sac. Saved us a lot of walking.

We quickly walked past the Railroad Museum and the Discovery Museum, ending at a train car that was standing by itself. The kids explored the car.

This little guy, Zach, became my friend real fast. At one point, Brodie and I went running after him to catch him before he got too far away. Good kid, but loves to run...away!!

After hanging out on the train car, we headed over to the river. They were amazed by the "big boat, which in my opinion needs some major TLC.

Being kids, their attention on the big boat didn't last very long. Before we knew it, they were flying off the boardwalk. When one starts, the rest follow.

After the flying lesson, next up is something the kids were really looking forward to: The elevator (some kids sounded like they were saying alligator)

After the elevator ride, we turned right to walk on the boardwalk, which was surrounded by water. With child safety in mind, there was only a chain link fence between child and water. Parents quickly grabbed as many hands as possible, and quickly walked past the danger zone.

After the Danger Zone, time for the stairs and the bridge!

After regrouping, it's time for a group picture!!

After the group shot, we visit the trains that got in trouble. At least, that's what we told the kids. Really, just trains in a cage.

We return to the lone train car. This time the kids play on the other side. One of the dad's yells "Riley is going to start the train" and all the kids hold on for dear life. PUSH RILEY PUSH!!

Right after passing the Railroad Museum, we come upon a little cubby hole where there's a bell ringing, is a train coming?

The day is done. We head to the cars and say good bye. Well, there is one last chase of Zach, but then the day is done. Another fun field trip in the can. Til next time.

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