Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Running Day 11 - the excitment goes down

On Running Day 10, I came down with a migraine that night. The first migraine I've had in a long day. So when I went out for Day 11, I was nervous that a headache would occur. So I went out slow, did a shorter run, then came back.

Runkeeper Stats

Just completed a 4.60 mi run with RunKeeper Duration 0:46:23 Calories Burned 602
Average Pace 10:04 / mi Average Speed 5.96 mph Elevation Climb 236 ft

I ran the bike trail again and I do love running out there. You can see the homeless camps and the little community that they have created out there. I thought it would be uncomfortable, but the people out there either keep their head down or say hi as you run by.

I love being able to run without worrying about cars and having to stop at lights. I can run for miles if I wanted to. It's my new favorite location with tons of places to explore.

Unfortunately, something is out there that is bothering me. Last night, I returned with headache #2. Not as bad as Friday nights, but a headache nonetheless. The thought of returning to McKinley does not excite me, and I would hate to leave the Bike Trail. Might have to start trying some Allergy medication, just so I can continue. Plus, the smell of almonds is AWESOME!!

Disney World Marathon 2012 Countdown: 355 days
Total Distance Ran (since 12/27/10): 55.46 miles / 2852.79 (miles to WDW from my house)Fastest Mile: 12/30/10 - 9:01 / mi
Longest Distance: 1/6/10 - 7.15 miles

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