Friday, January 21, 2011

Allergy Meds and a Week of Nothing Planned

Part 1: Allergy Meds update

Yesterday, before my amazing run, I took a Kirkland brand Allergy pill from Costco. As I mentioned, it made me feeling weird on the last two miles and feared that a headache may still occur. The good news, no headache. The bad news, it left me in an almost catatonic stupor. Didn't talk much, just kind of laid around, and was physically exhausted. This morning, Erin said she was concerned about the way I acted last night. I kind of floated from place to place and watched TV, even laughed which surprised me at the time. After my TV break, I made lunches, took a shower, laid down to read and ended up passing out. Only to have one of the most imagery filled rest of my life. Dreams jumped from one scenario to the next, which left me sad and angry when the alarm went off. Now, I'm still tired, I don't really want to move too much and my eyes really want to close and return to sleep. If this is due to the meds, holy smokes!! I'll take that over a headache any day.

Part 2: A week vacation with nothing planned, and how it is driving me NUTS

The real reason for today's blog is that I don't plan on running today. My body still feels like its asleep and I didn't make my lunch. So I get to go hunting the only way most of us state workers knows how: Hunt for someone who will join us, then off to someplace to eat where we hope to spend less than 10 bucks.

At the end of February, Conner and Erin have a week off. After two weeks of working during the Christmas vacation, it left me feeling bad that I couldn't have stayed home for at least part of it. Every evening, one of the boys would ask me to stay home, and somehow I always talked myself into going to work. So I decided to jump on taking that week off in February, and got it.

But now, we have nothing, absolutely nothing planned. Not that we don't want to, it's just we haven't saved for a vacation for that week. So even though there's no funds, my mind still dreams and plans of a vacation. In truth, I think I missed my calling of being a travel agent. I get excited every time someone asks for help on a Disney vacation. So here a two top five lists of trips I wouldn't mind taking:

Top 5 Trips that we can do in a week:

5. Disneyland / San Diego trip: It's beginning to look a lot like spring, which is my favorite time to be at the Disney parks, followed by Halloween of course. The boys have been asking, I've been asking, and I think Erin is wishing too. In September, Brodie didn't go on his favorite ride (Tiki Birds) and I still feel terrible. Plus, we could go during the week, which would be awesome.

4. Disney Cruise (Mexican Riviera or Caribbean): Something that we would definitely have to save for. Would like to wait til Brodie is a little bit older, but it would still be fun to go.

3. Disney World: I would love to return to Disney World during a month we haven't been. Unfortunately, it costs way too much to fly there for four, so this will definitely be just a dream. Plus, way too late for dining reservations, I bet they are pretty much all taken now. Have to wait til January before we can go.

2. Hawaii: Ever since our vacation to Tennessee, I would love to go somewhere we have never been and Hawaii is definitely at the top of the list (Europe [by train] and Tokyo also rank up there, but need more than a 4-5 day trip to make that happen). I think the boys would love playing in the ocean, better include Erin in that one.

1. Road Trip - Oregon: Been wanting to take the kids and Erin up to see the Trees of Mystery, Sea Lion Caves and then San Francisco. That would be a great trip. Pricing it, not too bad. But again, when there's money involved....

Top 5 Day Trips

5. Gilroy Gardens - Would definitely be higher on the list if it was actually opened. Doesn't open until late March, so number 5 it is. I would like to take the boys before they get too old to enjoy that fun little park. Discovery Kingdom is also closed, which is why it's not on the list.

4. San Francisco - Boys love Sea Lions, and have been asking to go to that "place where the sea lions sleep on the wood above the water." Great idea and would be fun to go back.

3. Lake Tahoe - It's been a couple of years since we all went to Lake Tahoe. We use to go there for the buffet, but they took away our favorite buffet and the price for the other one was too high. Plus, Brodie has never seen REAL snow. So that would be cool.

2. Santa Cruz - The Beach Boardwalk is open on Presidents Day, the beach, the wharf, what better day? All depends on the weather though. If it's cloudy and rainy, probably not a good idea. If the weather is mid 60's, bring it on. BRING IT ON!!

1. Monterey - Another spot that Brodie has not been to is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. That would be a great spot. Neither boys have been to Point Lobos, another great spot. And who could go wrong with the ocean and some Ghirardelli ice cream?

Of course there's the top 5 of destinations I would go to if I had unlimited money and time, but that would probably be more depressing than exciting. Hopefully something will happen. Hate to spend the week sitting on my butt catching up on tv, playing video games and reading. All three I would love to do, but where's the family in that?

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