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Haunt Season 2014 - Event #9 – Fright Planet (Cal Expo)

Haunt Season 2014 - Event #9 – Fright Planet (Cal Expo)

  Second of my local haunts, and with a low expectation, I was surprised to find a couple of things that I actually enjoyed.  But it really does say something when you finish an event like this within 45 minutes, have the ability to do the haunts again, and don’t really want to. 


  The music is catchy, annoying, and I kind of like it.  I’m not sure if it’s the same music played at Great America, but it’s definitely close.  The problem with this maze is that it’s full of young kids who don’t seem to have any real direction.  They wander the maze, not really scaring, just walking aimlessly around.  There was one really cool hallway where the light would flash and a creepy scareactor kind of walked slowly down the hall.  I thought that was really well done.


  I think I mentioned in another post that all haunts have to have a maze dedicated to capturing humans and turning them into food, bbq style.  This is pretty much it.  Same thing as I mentioned earlier, dead bodies hanging, guys with cleavers, and a freezer walk through.  When we first walked in, a scareactor told Tiffany to have a seat, so she did.   Apparently yes was the wrong thing to say.


  I do love a spooky cabin.  The outside of this maze is actually really well done.  The first time we came up to it, it was covered in fog and really had a cool creepy feel to it.  Inside, more creepy cabin which was pretty cool.  The scares weren’t much, and the environment was interesting enough.  Just nothing memorable.


  Not as dark as I remembered, same people running around in black costumes whispering or yelling at you.  They also hit the walls to creep you out.  Nothing much to it.  I’m pretty sure I could put one of these together.  Funny, I actually lost a contact in this maze.  Not sure if it rolled up into my eye or fell out.  Mix of fake fog and darkness, as well as being tired from the previous haunts, made me one eyed.


  These are more like headache inducing experiences.  It’s a maze with fences as walls, characters walking around, and a strobe light and loud noise.  Not my favorite of locals.  You wander around until the character thinks you’ve had enough and opens up the exit and we go the hell out.  You end in a dark tunnel with a scareactor or two.


  Another voodoo maze, I’m seeing a pattern.  This one was really well themed with some scareactors that really enjoyed working in this one.  We went through caverns, spooky rooms filled with voodoo rituals, and even walked by a house with people on the roof and in the bushes.  Plenty to look at.  The last scene had a witch doctor stabbing a man, which I stopped to enjoy both times I went through.  If nothing else, spend money on spooky candle lighting and I’ll enjoy it.  Definitely my number one maze at Fright Planet.  We went through this one twice.

RED (18+ ONLY)

  If you follow me on Facebook, you saw that I vented quite a bit about a dumbass mother who sent her 13 year old daughter to Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights and the girl got called a slut and put up for auction.  The mother is looking for an apology, and my guess will be suing Universal shortly, which I think is ridiculous.  Here’s an idea, research what you are putting your kids into before sending them off on their own.

  That being said, this maze is 18 and over.  They check ID, it’s legit…well, after going through the maze I would put it at PG13 at best, come one people, make an R rated maze already.  Before going in, we were behind a mother with a 10 year old boy.  The guy took the mom’s id, made sure she was okay that a 10 YEAR OLD BOY WAS GOING THROUGH AN 18 AND OVER MAZE, mommy dearest said yes, and off they went.  Seriously?  I don’t understand people.

  The “janitor” took us into RED and asked if we liked clowns.  Then said, welcome to my hell f&^ckers and off we went.  Each room filled with a clown doing something menacing.  In one room, I had a feeling I was back in Trapped at Knotts…I know, I’ll write it up after Halloween.  A clown wanted to put makeup on us to turn us into clowns.  He was sad, and demented.  Another room had a clown on a couch watching tv.  Another room had a sexy clown asking if we wanted to join a clown orgy, apparently yes wasn’t the answer.  Down some strobe filled hallways with blood dripping clowns and we were out.  Besides the small amount of language and the orgy suggestion, nothing that would give it an R rating compared to the other haunts. 


  We didn’t do the BURIED ALIVE, or see much of the NIGHTLY ENTERTAINMENT.  We had some fun with some scareactors, one who said we smelled nice and a couple that slid around on their knees.  Some of the scareactors would weave in and out of different haunts, which I think is a great idea, as long as their costume fits.  Gives that feeling that you are being followed.  We skipped the movie too, saw that two years ago and it was a huge waste of time.


  New to haunts and want to see if you like them, Fright Planet would be good for you.  I think that’s really the only time it would be good for someone to go there.  The lines are short if you go early enough so you don’t have to worry about long lines.  Later in the evening it probably got busy, but not while we were there.   For it’s location, they need to put a lot of money into it and really make it big…I’m thinking Gyros from the 90’s.  That would be cool.


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