Monday, October 13, 2014

Haunt Season 2014 - Event #7 – Opening night of Cemetarium

Haunt Season 2014 - Event #7 – Opening night of Cemetarium
  Cemetarium is the number one event that I’m always looking forward to check out with The Season Pass gang.  The event is amazing, entertaining, and really close to my house.  Plus everybody that helps run that place is freaking awesome. 
  We went the first night of the Full Scare events and we were told that some of the special effects weren’t working yet and they would continue to add things throughout the month.  So that being said, you can bet your ass I’ll be there again later this month.  Because our trip through Cemetarium this year…WAS AWESOME!
  Okay friends, what is up with Clowns and why are they at everybody’s haunt?  The weekend before, we went through a couple of haunts where clowns were covered in blood killing people.  Robert told me that if they took real clowns that were funny and then put them in insane situations, that would be scarier than anything.
  Then we go to Cemetarium, AND THAT’S WHAT THEY DID!!  There was this one clown, brought to creation by Mr. Randy, that honestly made us nervous.  The first time we saw him, he stared at us and ran his bat against the fence as he slowly walked over to us.  Robert, being the protective elder that he is, pushed me forward and told me to go and make a friend.  Well, this is where Mr. Helsel started messing around with us with crazy laughter, jumping, dragging along that damn bat of his. 
  When we entered Psycho Circus, Randy was ready.  He was coming after me, until he realized that Robert was the screamer of the group, and he left me behind to mess with “ROBERT.”  In all honesty, I don’t really remember the first part of the maze.  Why?  Because the majority of the maze was going through these “white, then black, then white” sheets.  It was so disorienting that I got lost very easily.  The clowns kept saying “wrong way”, “white, then black, then white”, “wrong way I said.”  It drove me nuts.  When we finally got through the white, then the black, then the white, one clown said “wrong way” and the group turned around and headed back.  Not realizing that we were almost at the exit, which I was told later.  Around and around we went, how to get out, nobody knows.
  When we went from white to black to white, then white to black to white, then white to black to white a third time I disconnected from the group in an attempt to find my way out.  It was truly driving me nuts.  When I finally did, I went to find the group only to scare another clown, who didn’t see me escape. 
  That maze was so freaking awesome, full of laughs, frustration, and joy that I would recommend it for everybody.  My face hurt after words because I was laughing so hard.  It’s everything Robert wanted…and we were just beginning.
  Cemetarium has the same front as before, but whatever they did inside was insane.  The maze is SOOOO long, that I’m not sure what the walk through is, which is why I can’t wait to do it again.  But the clowns decided to follow us through this maze too.  And in every room, all we heard was “Robert…oh Robert”; “Hey, something smells, it really stinks…oh, HI ROBERT”; “Hmm, Robert smells good.”  And on , and on it went. 
  Doug’s sister Callie is hiding in this maze and we were all looking forward to seeing her in makeup.  She jumped out at us at one point then ran ahead, then snuck up on Robert to get a scare. 
  The environments are all incredible: Christmas time, chain link imprisonment, rooms to a house, and some barrel walk ways to name a few.  I don’t remember many mechanics going on do to those dang clowns constantly entertaining us, and I do mean entertaining because my face hurt even worse with all the laughing we did in that maze.  So I’m looking forward to return to see what else Cemetarium can bring me.
  Forgot one thing, the lady with the screaming doll was freaking awesome.  LOVE that doll.  She actually came out with us and we got to spend some time with her.  Would love to have that puppet for trick or treating to scare the kiddies with.  Randy’s clown also joined us, and he liked to sniff Robert’s hand.  LOL, that night was good times.
  This is really an early review of one of the best haunts in Sacramento.  Please check them out and show your support.  These guys are great and I’m sure I’ll be getting more surprises throughout the month.  Sadly, Randy left the production the night we were there and went home.  But there are tons more scareactors who do an amazing job.

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