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Haunt Season 2014 - Event #6 – Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Fright Fest

Haunt Season 2014 - Event #6 – Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Fright Fest

  Holy smokes…6 events so far and we aren’t even half way done with the month.  Got some catching up to do so I’ll have three posts today or over the next couple of days.  See how I do with the typing, the writing, and keeping my eyes awake.

  Discovery Kingdom’s Fright Fest was probably the weakest of the haunts I’ve done so far.  And the crazy thing is, I have nothing but compliments for SFDK for what they accomplished this year.  You can tell they put a lot of money and heart into this event and I’m sure that it will continue to get better with each passing year.

  The fountain in the center of the park is still absolutely amazing.  The blood water, the skeletons, and now a huge burst of flame from the center is freaking awesome.  It’s one of my favorite things to check out each year. 

  The scareactors that roam the park have doubled, possibly tripled since last year.  And some of the scare zones have even more props than last year.  It’s the first sign that SFDK has turned a corner from just a simple event, to one they are putting some love into.  Unfortunately, the scare zones are still lacking, and the big spider one we were looking forward to seeing wasn’t even working. 

  Non-haunt related, Superman at night is still freaking awesome.

  I think the most shocking thing of Fright Fest was the lack of people.  We didn’t really need our front of the line passes, most had no lines.  Even Superman was a walk on.  Now this might be because it’s still early in the month, but it was still surprising.


  A very creative haunted house themed maze.  Before you go in, they take your picture with a little scare, which of course we had to take.  Robert ended up buying the picture which was sold for only 10 dollars.  Not too bad.

  Inside the maze, you went through rooms and hallways, stuff you would see in a house.  Of course this house is filled with creatures and blood covered spirits.  I remember a baby carriage with a skeleton that jumps out of the carriage, some large animatronic creature…but my memory is unfortunately vague when it comes to this maze.  I know it was in my top 3 at SFDK.


  This is my favorite haunt at SFDK this year.  The boathouse is actually a building for the queue line of one of their water rides.  They added some rain effects which I thought was a cool idea, but it stops and goes so there’s a chance you might miss it.  Inside the maze, you go through the boathouse with victims and killers.  Some begging for help to be released, others trying to trap you.  There’s one really cool room with tv’s on showing static and rain falling down with a guy just outside of the windows.  It was an awesome effect, if you know me water scores a lot of points.

  At one point, a head falls down from above and hit Doug on the head.  Thought this was pretty cool, but that head was hard!!  The maze continues outside with a moss monster, limbs in a tub, and the family that owns the boathouse selling some chum in buckets at the exit.  Nicely themed maze, we actually went through this maze twice.


  This maze is themed inside of the Shark Experience in the back corner of SFDK.  The first thing that caught my eye was a skeleton head that pops out of a chest and talks.  It was amazing, but I unfortunately missed most of the introduction.  But what I saw of it was really well done.

  The maze seemed familiar from the year before, but the scareactors seemed to stay with us longer and continue to freak Robert out.  Also this year, I felt like even though I was in the back, I still got to see all of the scares because the scareactors waited for the whole group to be in the room before attacking.  I thought this was really cool, I’m just not sure if they did this because the clouds were so small.

  Through the maze we went, close to the aquariums surrounded by pirate ghouls with blood all over their bodies.  At one point, we came upon two boys that we thought were scareactors but turned out to be just two teenage boys scared out of their minds.  “You got to man up if we are going to this”; “No you go to man up, you are being a sissy”; “sissy, we can’t be doing these if we can’t even walk through them.”  The boys snuck into our group and held on to me at times just to get through.  Ahh, love haunt season.

  The finale was pretty cool.  A large Squid Man, probably 9 feet tall.  He was supposed to be scary and we were supposed to run out of there, but instead we stood and admired the figure.  Probably confused the poor kid inside the costume.


  I think what amazed us about this maze this year is that they extended the maze walk without adding any space to it.  The same junk cars with crazy mechanics running through the maze, but there’s a point that you go back and forth in this small area, filled with fog, so you easily get disoriented.  Then you get chased by a guy with a chainsaw and you are out.  A fun maze filled with loud noise and music.


  A free maze, and we skipped it this year.  Had some large crocodiles and maybe zombies and a moss monster, who we ran into while walking around.


  When you walk up to this maze it was completely dark.  AND I MEAN COMPLETELY DARK.  You weren’t really sure where you were supposed to go, and you haven’t even entered the maze yet!!  In the maze, you see some butchers, have a walk through outside with a car that starts up and the lights come on, and some creepy walkers.  Inside the Slaughter House you come upon rednecks in overalls, knives, and usually cutting something up.  In one room there was a head on top of a grinder that turned the body into ground beef.  Outside again, more walkers and a chainsaw guy.  Pretty entertaining, but I thought it was longer last year.   Doug said that the maze went backwards this year.


  The queue for this one was filled with creepy guys.  Some running far faster than we the customers are allowed to walk.  The mine was cool but I think it would be far more effective inside a building to give it more of a creepy walk through.  We met up with a guy and his pet spider, which was cool.  The bouncing guy from last year was missing, but we did have a couple of miners that walked with us a majority of the way, slamming against walls and screaming at us as much as possible.   Another fun maze.


  On the way out of Massacre Mine we ran into a bunch of kids caring these light sticks in front of them.  I asked the Six Flags Rep that was with us and he told us about No Boo Sticks.  These sticks can be bought for $5 from any store and kids, as well as adults, can carry them in front of themselves to prevent any monsters from attacking.

  Now normally, I thought this idea was absolutely stupid.  If you are going to an event like this, leave the kiddies at home.  But if you really think about it, this park is open all day for families and doesn’t close for a hard ticket event like other parks.  Families can stay the whole night and skip the extra fee haunts.  With a father of two who are interested but still a little frightened of these events, it would be cool to bring the boys with me, get them the sticks, and let them experience the event in a safe and scare free environment.  So bravo Six Flags.


  As mentioned earlier, this isn’t an event that you are going to walk away with your head blown.  But if you only experience this one event every year, then you are definitely going to see some major improvements and I’m REALLY looking forward to what the event holds for us next year. 

NEXT UP: Opening night of Cematarium

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